Why engage a Cryptocurrency Consultant?

Bitcoin, Blockchain, ICO’s, Ethereum, Decentralised Exchanges, staking, masternodes, ERC-20, SHA-256, mining, trading bots, cold wallets, hot wallets, hardware wallets, lost you yet? As you’ve no doubt noticed, cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now, they are everywhere you look in the media and on the internet, they are also a minefield that is for the most part highly technical and not well understood.

There are numerous applications and uses for cryptocurrencies, some very legitimate and exciting projects and concepts, many of which will disrupt many aspects of our lives for the better, the way we transact with each other and businesses, store our wealth, the way that we interact with technology and the benefits that blockchain has when it comes to managing, storing, manipulating and securing data. However, for the most part cryptocurrencies and tokens are highly unregulated, meaning that there are scam projects, ponzi schemes and tokens with no utility or value run by thieves and scam artists just trying to defraud you of your money or cryptocurrency.

If you are in need of cryptocurrency related advice, assistance or completing due diligence on a crypto related project or investment, you need the right team to help you through the process.

Whether you are looking at setting up your own token, blockchain project, or looking for assistance in getting a better return on your existing coins, either through staking wallets or masternodes, or even automated trading using bots, we can help.

The Cryptocurrency Consultant team are IT and Engineering professionals, software developers and business professionals with years of experience in the technology industry, in the event that you have a specific industry related requirement we can build a team to meet your needs.

Our team are passionate about cryptocurrencies, we have approximately 5 years of experience in either mining or investing in Crypto.

Our cryptocurrency and blockchain team is supported by IT, Engineering and Software Developers with decades of experience, along with a team of analysts with years of experience in the financial markets and trading traditional stocks and commodities.

We are well aware that Crypto is a relatively new initiative, the landscape is constantly changing and there is always something to learn, we are committed to helping our clients whether they are private investors, businesses or entrepreneurs who are looking for assistance in the crypto space.

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