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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Consulting

At The Cryptocurrency Consultant our Team is made up of Engineers, IT, Finance and Legal professionals, Professional traders, Senior Business Owners, Developers and Marketing Professionals, with a wealth of Experience in the Blockchain space. Members of our team have experience in Blockchain dating back to 2011 and were early adopters in both Bitcoin and mining, our founders have over 20yrs of experience in the Technology space. Our headquarters is in Australia, but have delivery capability globally.

Cryptocurrency and NFT Projects

Are you looking to create your own token or blockchain project? Are you interested in NFT’s and would like to mint your own collection? Do you want to setup a loyalty program on the blockchain for your customers, or have grand ideas about starting your own cryptocurrency exchange?

With the development of blockchain technology in recent years, getting projects up off the ground is much easier if you know what you are doing and have a strong team behind you. We can work with you to assess the feasibility of your project idea, decide with you if the idea is worth progressing and if it is, put together a project plan with costings, we can work with you to assemble a project plan and proceed through to launch.

Staking and Liquidity Farming Consulting and Advice

Staking, running validator nodes and liquidity farming or providing liquidity to certain tokens can be a bit of a minefield. There are staking options which are easy and can generate you modest ongoing returns on your coins, these require minimal technical knowledge and little effort to maintain over the long run.

Running validator nodes, being a node operator or running your own staking pool is a big step up in technicality, it may require someone technical to setup the infrastructure and maintain it, potentially be responsible for voting and keeping up with any changes in the project. Finally, liquidity farming can be a nightmare, you need to understand impermanent loss, fluctuations in one pair against another can see your position in one token be eroded against another. We have experience with all of these options and can work with you to determine your technical ability, risk profile and your expected returns.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Outsourcing

Do you need access to blockchain developers or subject matter experts for a potential or current project? You can leverage off our team and our network of cryptocurrency professionals, in the event that there is a requirement that we don’t have within our immediate team we can recruit specifically for that role and manage the process end to end.

Depending on your experience managing development teams or overall project delivery capabilities we can just provide the resources, or be included in your PMO and provide project management and coordination support. We can be as hands on with the day to day management of the technical team as you want us to be.

Blockchain Audits, Reviews and Analysis

Are you looking at making a serious investment in a blockchain or cryptocurrency project whether it’s still a concept, new or existing and would like some independent due diligence conducted? Our analysts can conduct a review on the code base, the smart contracts, the security, the tokenomics, adoption, onchain utilisation, number of wallets and overall value, we can flag benefits, along with risks and threats. We can complete due diligence on the founders, project team and any investors that they may have and build a profile of how solid the project is. Rug pulls, scams and fraud are all too common in the space and its better to be safe than sorry.

In the event that you are launching your own project and would like some due diligence prior or after launch, the service is available to you also and can be tailored to your specific needs. We are able to bring in subject matter experts from across the industry to assist with reviews that fall outside of our core competencies.

Early Stage Blockchain Analysis

Are you Interested in Early Stage Blockchain Project Investment and maximising the return on your crypto investment?

Whether you are a seasoned Crypto Investor or are just getting into the space, investing in early stage blockchain, gaming or NFT projects is an unprecedented opportunity for wealth creation.

The mantra of Be Early or Miss Out Entirely has never been more real. You can easily make 2x, 5x, 10x your money in investing in Cryptocurrency projects after they hit a major exchange. Investing in projects at the Seed or Angel investor stage is a real opportunity that is available to investors who have done their homework and can gain exclusive access to these projects and opportunities, the gains on these early stage projects are routinely 20x, 50x, 1000x, 2000x your initial investment. It’s almost unbelievable. These gains are available to the select few in traditional markets, but crypto has made it accessible to almost everyone.

Coming Soon
Crypto Market Report - Technical Analysis, Market Indicators and Sentiment Analysis

We are working to put together a series of reports for our community detailing market trends, reviews on cryptocurrency projects, summaries of our audits on tokens, on chain trends and metrics, sentiment analysis when it comes to user adoption and social media mentions. We also plan to correlate these trends against classical Technical Analysis and trading indicators and give our opinion (not financial advice) on tokens that are good buys fundamentally and technically.

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