Early Stage Blockchain Project Analysis

Early Stage Blockchain Project Analysis

Are you Interested in Early Stage Blockchain Project Investment and maximising the return on your crypto investment?

Whether you are a seasoned Crypto Investor or are just getting into the space, investing in early stage blockchain, gaming or NFT projects is an unprecedented opportunity for wealth creation.

The mantra of Be Early or Miss Out Entirely has never been more real. You can easily make 2x, 5x, 10x your money in investing in Cryptocurrency projects after they hit a major exchange.

Investing in projects at the Seed or Angel investor stage is a real opportunity that is available to investors who have done their homework and can gain exclusive access to these projects and opportunities, the gains on these projects are routinely 20x, 50x, 1000x, 2000x your initial investment.

It’s almost unbelievable. These gains are available to the select few in traditional markets, but crypto has made it accessible to almost everyone.

To gain access to these projects can require significant upfront capital, however, we are able to structure our services based on your financial position. Whether you have money and want to go it alone and just need our help and management, or if you want to participate in a community project where you have a % of the fund that is up to you and we can work through the options with you.
We are unable to provide you with financial advice, and investing in cryptocurrencies is risky, however, the potential for lifechanging wealth has never been more achievable.

The Traditional Venture Capital Industry excludes the everyday investor, but the times are changing.

In the traditional stock market, access to early stage investment into start ups, private companies looking to go public, or small businesses that are looking to expand and are in need of funding, have little choice but to utilise a Venture Capitalist or VC firm. Companies like Facebook, Google, Groupon, Twitter, Uber and Airbnb all received venture capitalist funding.
A $5,000 Seed stage investment into Uber, 9 years later was worth almost $25 Million. A $25,000 investment almost $124 Million. These returns are not the norm but a big difference compared to making 10% Per annum on the stock market.
In order to get access to these ridiculous, life changing investment opportunities, you either need to be a VC, or an “accredited investor” who invests money into a VC fund.
Accredited investors in particular in the US, need to be independently wealthy with an income exceeding $200,000 per year or have a certain net worth. The reason for this investor status is to protect the ordinary investor from risk and losing their money in dodgy investments or scams. The accredited investor has access to these early stage by virtue of being wealthy already.
The average investor is ultimately forced to invest in projects after launch, typically where the initial investors have already made thousands of percent profit, or tens of thousands of percent.

Being early is everything. If you are in Cryptocurrency now you are early, but there are gains you are missing out on.

Cryptocurrency investing is one of the biggest disruptors of the traditional finance industry in the history of money, everyday investors can get started investing in crypto with as little as $5 and buy fractions of a percent of a coin.
In 2017, ICO’s or Initial Coin Offerings were all the rage, a lot of people made a lot of money, and a lot of people lost everything due to scams. Modern day ICO’s typically have a bit more substance in most cases they already have a prototype, a test net or even a fully working product, have been incubated or received support from accredited organisations and the backing of communities which contributed to the project, so although still risky many projects that are being launched through official launchpads have a higher degree of success.
These Launchpads are still relatively difficult to get involved with there are still Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s), Initial Dex Offerings (IDO’s), Initial Game Offerings (IGO’s), Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) and Initial NFT Offerings (INO). You typically need to hold a certain number of Launchpad tokens or be invited to participate in the launch, which can be a substantial investment.

How Can the Team At Cryptocurrency Consultant help you to gain access to early stage projects prior to launch on Exchanges?

The team at Cryptocurrency Consultant already have positions in a number of platforms which offer early investment into blockchain projects, play to earn games, metaverse projects, DAO launches, Exchange launches, NFT collection and NFT exchange launches. We are trying to make investment into these early stage projects more accessible to the common investor, before they are even listed on an exchange. We pool the resources of our community together to increase our collective buying power and each investor will receive a share of the tokens in proportion to their investment.
We will manage all of the application process to gain access to the pre-sale and if we are successful in winning an allocation, we will distribute the tokens on completion, it will be then up to you if you decide to keep the tokens, take profits or sell all of them for a profit. Whilst returns vary from project to project, some fail shortly after launch, however, average returns can be from hundreds of percent up to thousands of percent, it all depends on the strength of the project.
We do not provide financial advice, nor can we guarantee returns, but if you have an appetite for risk and are interested in early stage investment into crypto projects we can help make the process easier for you. If you want to make real gains in crypto, it is an unprecedented opportunity for wealth creation and is where the real gains in crypto are being made.
The team at cryptocurrency consultant can share information with you on the projects that we are tracking that are nearing launch and you can decide if these projects are inline with your investment goals.
In the event that you don’t want to pool your investment with that of ours and our clients, but would like independent advice so that you can invest directly yourself, we offer these services on a retainer model and can assist with due diligence along the way.
There are hundreds if not thousands of projects launching, we are not able to cover all of them, however, in the event that there are projects you are interested in we can do due diligence on your behalf and if the project is reliable and safe, even if we aren’t familiar with the project or team, we can work with you to look at the team, their mission, roadmap, tokenomics, their social engagement, community and give you our independent assessment and the steps required for you to invest directly or we can add that project to our portfolio and invest with you.
The cryptocurrency consultant team are based in Sydney, but can provide Cryptocurrency related consulting services all over Australia including Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Hobart.

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