Staking and Liquidity Farming Consulting and Advice

Staking and Liquidity Farming Consulting and Advice

Are you looking at generating passive income from your existing cryptocurrency? Are you looking at making strategic investments specifically for the purpose of generating passive income, have you heard of staking, liquidity farming, running validator nodes or delegator nodes and receiving rewards for running those and want to get involved?

Whether you are a beginner to crypto or are a seasoned blockchain investor if you have never staked or been involved with liquidity farming or running a node getting started can be quite daunting. The team at cryptocurrency consultant have a wealth of experience when it comes to staking and running nodes, we were running master nodes back in 2017 when staking and decentralised finance wasn’t even invented yet and before proof of stake mining was even a thing.

There are many ways that you can stake your cryptocurrency, with each option having its own strengths and weaknesses there are many options available :

  • Centralised exchanges make it easy for you to stake your crypto but you have the security risk of leaving your crypto on the exchange, exchanges get hacked and customers tokens lost. Also, the returns are not as high as they could be.
  • You can stake your tokens directly with the Protocol, Project or blockchain on your own wallet, you then run the risk of misplacing the private keys to your wallet, sending your coins to a wallet on the wrong blockchain or an incorrect wallet. If you lose your coins, getting them back can be almost impossible.
  • If the exchange you want to stake on is decentralized there may not be a support team to give you assistance if something goes wrong.
  • If you are staking on a decentralized exchange and their code is not audited and secure and they get hacked you have little to no recourse if your tokens are stolen.
  • If you decide to run your own node there is a steep technical learning curve, infrastructure and code that you need to maintain and keep secure, ensuring that your uptime is close to 100% otherwise you maybe banned from being a validator or delegator node, or your rewards may be withheld.
  • If you really want to chase some big rewards in crypto there are such things as liquidity farming, we’re essentially you stake your own tokens and providing liquidity for another exchange, or provide coins to a pool in a DAO. These liquidity farms also have your own personal private key security risks, protocol risks, impermanent loss risks, or even the exchange, pool or DAO being a complete scam or a rug pool, meaning the value can go to zero overnight.
Being well researched and aware of all the risks is a critical component to not only generating passive income in crypto but also keeping it. Being early to many projects can be the difference between making money, or being the one holding the bags when everyone else has dumped their coins and sold.

There are high risk crypto projects, farms and DAO’s available which generate mind-boggling returns some of which are beyond belief in the hundreds of thousands or millions of percent per annum, however, they are extremely risky and they have tokenomics which resemble a ponzi scheme with anonymous founders, anonymous teams, and who misrepresent themselves on social media.

We are unable to provide you with Financial Advice, but out cryptocurrency and blockchain consultants can work with you to understand what the opportunities in the crypto industry are, we can work with you to you understand what crypto you are currently holding, or how much equity you have to invest, we can then assist you with working out what opportunities are available to stake your crypto and what passive income you can expect.

We can work with you to understand your risk profile, provide you with some education and suggestions to minimise your risk exposure, we can share our experience with projects we have been involved with or do research and due diligence on your behalf, we can flag which projects look like a scam or a potential rug pull, with the ultimate goal of helping you to generate some returns. Decentralised finance is here and the returns available in crypto if done properly are significantly better than what you can generate from a bank, term deposit and potentially from the stock market or property investment.

So, if you need some assistance from our team of Cryptocurrency experts you have come to the right place. Regardless of whether you utilise our services or not if you are well researched, can manage risk, invest what you are prepared to lose, take profits and don’t get greedy Cryptocurrency is a potentially life changing opportunity to build wealth.

The team at cryptocurrency consultant don’t have all the answers and nor are we across every single staking, farming, DAO or node on the market of which there are hundreds, however, we are well-researched and can do due diligence on your behalf and if the project is reliable and safe, even if we aren’t familiar with the Protocol, we can work with you to work it out and get you up and running.

Our team are based in Sydney, but can provide Cryptocurrency related consulting services all over Australia including Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Hobart.

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